Safety first

Article by
Joanna Bogdan

Thanks to the “safety first” approach implemented within Singapore the country is in a fantastic position to move forward today.

 After months of safety measurements in Singapore there has been great progress in combating  COVID-19 and the country is now into Phase 3 of re-opening in the community. Keeping new virus case levels to a minimum, Singapore has even been considered a safe and the best location to hold the World Economic Forum 2021 in August. This Special Annual Meeting will be the first global leadership event to address worldwide recovery from the pandemic in a face to face setting, bringing leaders together to focus on shaping solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

 Another great example, and something that evolve APAC are especially looking forward to attending is the AdTECH OOH Singapore conference in September 2021.

 When asked about hosting an AdTECH conference in Singapore, Adrian Cotterill, Editor in Chief, DailyDOOH said “The problems, issues and opportunities with programmatic and AdTECH are the same the world over and it’s clear that South East Asia needs an event. Singapore has a strong reputation as an exceptional destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) so it was the obvious choice to hold our first AdTECH: OOH Conference in the region”.

This global event gathers not only out of home industry leaders and specialists, but also those that would like to learn more about this fascinating media sector and its nuances, such as programmatic. Personally, I am very interested to learn more about how programmatic opportunities are developing in Asia Pacific, and meeting our dear clients and partners.

 As a key international and travel hub, Singapore is obviously looking at reopening its borders safely. One of the ways that will allow this are the Air Travel Bubble arrangements, something that has already been agreed with Hong Kong, and, according to the recent news, is currently being discussed with Australia. An air Travel Bubble simply allows people to travel between two cities without the requirement to quarantine.

 The reduction of tourists into Singapore recently has been very well compensated by the city and the activities it can offer. Staycations, cruises to nowhere, booming bars and restaurants and first of all – returning cultural events, are something very much in demand by residents here. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that some countries are still under lockdowns, as I am able to visit museums, galleries, cinemas or event attend a concert! 

These times will come for all cities in the next few months I am sure, and then it will hopefully be the expansion of Air Travel Bubbles which will slowly enable people to not only explore their own surroundings freely but explore internationally again. This is something I am particularly looking forward to, but safely, safety is key in all of these steps and I will always thank Singapore for showing me how important safety is in times of uncertainty.