Reflecting on International Women’s day

Article by
Shahkeh Petros

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day, and while 2020 heaped yet more pressure on women around the world, there were some little victories that kept flying the flag for change.

As we adapted to last minute postponements and changes to campaigns in 2020, we saw a clear shift in the nature of OOH campaigns, and one in particular stood out to me. The influential artists Henry/Bragg, a female duo, were launching an exhibition in Hull addressing local, well documented exploitation of women called Absence of Evidence showcasing the work of An Untold Story – Voices, just as the Art Gallery closed. They asked us to help and the brilliant OOH industry reacted. 

This exhibition about the streets was taken to the streets. We knew OOH could add reach and power to this thought-provoking exhibition, and it attracted a lot of attention.

A street exhibition about life on the streets, working the streets and surviving the streets. 

Absence of Evidence, Shoreditch, July 2020

This major exhibition has been hailed as a triumph for awareness of a group of overlooked women in our society – it also demonstrates the ability of OOH to target an audience and deliver a visceral campaign. The campaign identified, celebrated, and increased visibility of women’s achievements by elevating women from all walks of life and it is work like this that makes me proud as a woman to work in the OOH industry today.