Absence of Evidence 


A street-based OOH exhibition about life on the streets, working the streets and trying to survive the streets, where everyday people passing by would see it. ‘Absence of Evidence’ is a collaborative work between art duo Henry/Bragg and An Untold Story – Voices a group of former street sex workers in Hull, honouring 14 of their fellow workers who have died. The artists are known for their work shining a spotlight on overlooked members of society, using photography and social intervention.


This collaborative photographic project showcasing a group of former street sex workers in Hull and honouring 14 of their fellow workers who had died was created to raise awareness of the discrimination towards sex workers.

The Covid-19 pandemic only served to exacerbate hardship for sex workers, with the impact felt disproportionately by the most vulnerable, adding an urgent need to speak up. We wanted to help this campaign make steps towards change by raising awareness of this real-world problem. From the outset of this collaboration, the women were very clear about what they wanted to achieve.

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“We wanted this to be a journey around the old spaces we shared, a mapped memorial to friends and other women we know who haven’t made it.”

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Absence of Evidence Shoreditch 20 July 2020


With the pandemic pausing all social gatherings and closing galleries across the country we needed an alternative approach for launching the exhibition.  To maximise the effectiveness of the campaign we knew OOH would be the perfect channel to do this thought-provoking exhibition justice, so we decided to take the photography to the streets. Using OOH as a platform to raise awareness, reach a diverse audience and provoke discussions around the decriminalisation of sex work. A street-based exhibition powered by OOH.