Safety first

Thanks to the “safety first” approach implemented within Singapore the country is in a fantastic position to move forward today.  After months of safety measurements in Singapore there has been great progress in combating  COVID-19 and the country is now into Phase 3 of re-opening in the community. Keeping new virus case levels to a […]

Reflecting on International Women’s day

Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day, and while 2020 heaped yet more pressure on women around the world, there were some little victories that kept flying the flag for change. As we adapted to last minute postponements and changes to campaigns in 2020, we saw a clear shift in the nature of OOH campaigns, […]

An on-the-ground view of NYC’s re-emerging OOH market

This article appeared in Billboard Insider on 11th September 2020. Miriam Buireu updates us on the current climate in New York, how businesses in the city are adapting to COVID-19 restrictions and the new behavioural patterns of residents. With September now upon us, New Yorkers are preparing for the city’s final phase of reopening following one of […]

When Covid’s treacherous waters begin to calm, OOH needs to keep on surfing…

Daniel Carey reflects on how the OOH industry adapted to the pandemic, accommodating rapidly changing audience behaviours and supporting brands to achieve results through the medium. Agility. Its importance became abundantly clear to me as I took part in a surfing lesson whilst on holiday in Cornwall last weekend. Lining up my board to face the beach, I got ready […]

‘The new normal’ in Singapore

Staycations are on the rise globally, Joanna Bogdan tells us how Singapore is adapting to the new normal as the city is released into ‘phase 2’ of lockdown.  It’s been more than seven months now since the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Singapore, and the country seems to have already established its ‘new normal’. While for some this […]